Advantages Of Education And Employment

Education is part and parcel of our lives as it is impossible to function without this integral and much needed knowledge that is detrimental to the growth and development of the human mind.    Education can be defined as the process of giving systematic instructions and specifically in a learning institution such as school or even a university. Employment on the other hand can be described as whereby individuals come into agreement and there is payment involved when the task is complete. One is known as the employer the other one offering the job and the other accepting is an employee. Education and employment are closely related in fact they are dependent on each other. For there to be a skilled workforce it is important to have the right skills and it is usually from receiving education. Good education ensures that the students are equipped with the right skills that are required in the various sectors such as the health and social care apprenticeships ,manufacturing, health and the business sector just to mention a few. Education gives one the much required expertise and theoretical knowledge that is very important when conducting any task given to them. 
Education enables one to earn a livelihood and this through the papers that one is able to get at the end of the training that earn a person a chance in the employment sector. In addition education produces good citizens which mean that they are people who have acquired discipline. This discipline is crucial in the employment sector as one is able to know how to  perform their duties without supervision and even how to observe certain rules and regulations that are found in the schooling system . It all starts from the education sector then come all the way to employment. In addition one is able to be taught how to conduct themselves and how to relate with people. In both the education and employment sector one must learn to live with people and there is bound to be conflict. One is able to learn how to go about when conflict arises in the work environment.  Education is the backbone of a developing country as with high illiteracy levels it means the country cannot move forward. One of the ways of growing a country's economy is by educating the citizens as it is the greatest form of wealth that cannot be snatched away.  Employment also is able to increase the growth development of a country as people have the purchasing power and money to do other development  projects. In conclusion education and careers wales vacancies are inseparable as they are like twins and it is important for people to be educated.

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