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Why you Need an Apprenticeship 

When you complete your high school education, you have to make some tough choices. You need to decide where you shall pursue your college education at, for instance. You may also have to decide whether you shall focus entirely on education, or you may do it part-time as the other time you go to work. This is how you stay off student debts. After a while, you will have to decide whether you will keep studying or if you will look for employment. You can balance it out by getting an apprenticeship for careers wales vacancies. In this style, you shall keep studying, while earning an income. 

There are those who do not feel pulled strongly enough by education to give it their full attention. There is also the danger of studying so much you lose most of your career prospects due to lack of experience. With an apprenticeship, you can gain the necessary experience as you complete your studies. 

In an apprenticeship, you shall earn an income, and at the same time access other employee benefits such as a pension scheme, leisure facilities, and subsidized canteen. You shall start off at the base, but your pay shall increase as time goes. Apprentices also end up earning more income than other types of employees from other sources.

You will also gain firsthand experience in the field you wish to specialize in. This is as opposed to sitting in the classroom gaining theoretical knowledge with no environment to apply it until after you get employed. There shall be plenty of mentors and coaches in the field who will pass on the knowledge they have gained after working for so long in that field. Employers also seek apprentices to hire, since they come with the necessary skills experience to do a particular job. Apprenticeship courses vary, with some going for one year, and others up to four years. It depends on the organization of the company you get attached to, and the person who you shall be placed directly under. There shall also be a trainer to monitor your progress, and ensure you are learning all you should be at each stage. 

There are also different levels to the advice and guidance apprenticeships and apprenticeship courses available. You will find some that are basic, and some are advanced. You also have the option of going to university after an apprenticeship, seeing as you will have gained quite a considerable amount of skills and knowledge. 

There are more and more apprenticeship opportunities coming up all the time, with different companies offering their choices of paths to take. They are not limited to large corporations. Even small family run businesses have options available. They are all overseen at the national level, and so adhere to strict quality standards.

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